St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church







St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church is a long standing church in the Markham Rd./Lawrence Ave. area of Scarborough. They actively participate in a variety of community services and programs and are well linked to local community agencies. The Church is located on about half an acre of prime land on Lawrence Ave. E. in an area designated for multiple residential use in the City of Toronto Official Plan and are interested in redeveloping the property.Their vision is to partner with some well-established agencies to develop an affordable housing project serving those in need and to incorporate some supportive housing as part of the project. They are also exploring incorporating affordable rental housing and affordable ownership housing as part of the concept. They would also incorporate a small worship space within the development.  The Church has established a development committee, which has met on several occasions to discuss the vision for the project and are currently approaching potential partners to determine the most suitable approach for the project.

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