Anand Vihar – Centre for Dignified Living






With a strong goal to provide an affordable, supportive housing to the vulnerable seniors and adults with physical, mental or developmental disabilities, Anand Vihar, aspires to represent the diversity of the York region populations amongst its residents and by being cognizant of the spiritual and culinary needs of Canadians of South Asian origin. They have brought together several leading members of the community of York Region to undertake this initiative. Their goal is to develop a two-part project. The first part would be an affordable housing project called Anand Vihar – The Centre for Dignified Living. It would be based on a totally integrated care model for its residents within the concept of cohousing. Target groups will be approximately 60 senior citizens and 30 other individuals with physical, mental or developmental disabilities. It will be termed as supportive housing, available on an apartment rental basis. The second part would be “The Care Village”, a community comprised of about 40 bungalows. It would be developed based on a condominium corporation business model to house independent seniors or intergenerational families. Located adjacent to the Part 1 project, it would be an independent entity. They are currently conducting a feasibility study with the technical support of the consortium and with a grant from the provincial Ministry of Community and Social Services.